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Applied Toxicological Research and Testing

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Program accomplishments...

In fiscal year 2003, 62 research grant awards were made, of which 13 were competing RPG applications. In addition, three STTR and 42 SBIR awards were made, of which 35 were competing. In fiscal year 2004, it is anticipated that 110 research grant awards (including SBIR and STTR awards) will be made. In fiscal year 2005, it is anticipated that 91 research grants and awards (including SBIR and STTR awards) will be made. Knowledge of the toxicity and carcinogenicity of chemicals has come primarily from studies conducted on individual chemicals at relatively high concentrations. The mechanistic information gained from years of studying single agents has contributed to developing a rational basis for extrapolation of experimental results to assessing risk to humans, but has not been as successful when applied to a mixture of chemicals. Rarely are people exposed to single chemicals, but rather they are exposed throughout their lifetimes to a myriad of chemicals at low concentrations. From a public health perspective, a major concern is whether an unusual toxicity could result from the interaction of two or more chemicals when individually, they are without measurable effect. NIEHS and the Environmental Protection Agency recognized the need to stimulate research in this very challenging area. And thus, in fiscal year 1998, they issued a joint Request for Applications entitled Chemical Mixtures in Environmental Health. $4.5 million were allocated for this program and 10 grants were awarded.